Low voter turnout to Egypt’s presidential election

The presidential election in Egypt has been extended to a third day following lower-than-expected voter turnout

In a seemingly unsuccessful effort to boost low numbers, Tuesday – originally the final day of voting – was declared a public holiday

 The result, however, is believed to be a foregone conclusion with army chief Abdel Fatah al-Sisi favourite to win

 Despite concerns over political freedom, his supporters insist he is the man to bring back a sense of balance in Egypt

 “(I voted for Sisi)… first of all for stability and security,” said one man. “And also he spoke about his programme in detail. My opinion is that he has good ideas, regardless of what the circumstances may be.”

 “I hope that he (Sisi) puts our young people to work, because we have children who graduate who don’t get jobs

 “We want him to open up work opportunities and start projects for the young people because, to be honest, we’re fed up after the past two leaders – Mursi and Mubarak – who finished off the country,” “ said another voter

 Mohammed Mursi’s Muslim Brotherhood has called for a boycott of the election

 Now banned as a terrorist group, a government crackdown on the Brotherhood has seen over 1,400 people killed and 16,000 detained since July